Due Dilligence Reports

Before starting business with an overseas partner it is only prudent to check them out.

International Company Profile (ICP)

ICP is a background report prepared by the USCS containing information about a firm’s business activities, credit worthiness, standing in the local business community, and overall reliability and suitability as a trade partner for U.S. exporters. These reports  help U.S. firms locate and evaluate potential foreign customers before making a business commitment. To request an ICP Report contact your local USCS office.

The price for the ICP ranges from $100 to $600, and typically is delivered in 10 business days. A typical report includes:

  • Name, address & key contact;
  • Type of business;
  • Sales territory;
  • Products handled;
  • Number of employees;
  • Year established;
  • Business/financial reputation; and,
  • Assessment of the firm’s suitability as a trade partner.

U.S. Companies Providing Information on Overseas Firms

  • Coface
    Coface is a world leader in trade-credit information and protection, serving 85,000 clients in 93 countries.
  • CreditSafe
    Offers instant credit reports on over 365 million businesses in 160 countries via our online database.
  • Dun and Bradstreet Corporation
    Types of reports available and pricing structures vary. Provides mail, fax, and online services.
  • Graydon America
    Provides individual reports for most countries via mail, fax, or modem delivery. Concentrates on Latin American countries.
  • The Kreller Business Information Group, Inc.
    Provides credit reports on companies worldwide via mail, fax and E-mail services. Focuses on Latin America, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Africa, and Asia.
  • Owens On-Line, Inc.
    Offers credit reports and background bhecks in over 250 countries and territories.
  • RDS and Associates
    Service includes discrete and non-discrete due diligence roports on companies worldwide. RDS will interview intended partners and/or inspect and analyze their locations. This service can also include competitive and customer interviews and analysis.
  • Standard and Poor’s Rating Service
    Remarks: Provides various credit analysis reports via mail, fax, and online services.